Frequently Asked Questions

All Aroostook Shredding employees are trained in the proper use of shredding equipment, safety, and emergency procedures. All employees are trained in company policies, procedures, and protocols as well as privacy laws and regulations to provide our clients with the highest levels of service and security.

100% of the paper that we shred is recycled. It is aggregated and baled in Aroostook County before being sent to a recycling center where it is pulped, and turned into other materials like tissue paper or paperboard. It never remains in its original form, and does not leave our facility until it has been mixed with other shredded paper for your security, and is never used for any other purpose.

We accept any size job. No job is too big or too small for us to handle. Scheduled service clients range from one container serviced on a monthly basis to dozens serviced every week.

Yes. We recycle 100% of the paper we shred.

Recycling companies are in the business of getting the highest dollar amount for their paper as possible. Paper is sorted by hand into different grades and baled for anyone and everyone to see and prey on. Using our shredding service, all your materials are destroyed in Aroostook County at our document shredding facility.

Money and time! It will cost you a great deal more money to use an office shredder than to use Aroostook Shredding. The cost of the shredding machine, maintenance, labor cost, office space, and disposal cost all add up to much more than our fee and we do everything for you! Not to mention we will save you from the noise, mess, and dust created by your office shredder.

We offer two fee structures for scheduled routine shredding services: flat rate and weighed. Flat rate is for routine customers who use our shredding containers. There is one low price per container per pickup. For customers who chose to use their own containers, we offer the weighed service. Weighed is priced per pound.

We pick up your confidential documents in our locked shredding container and transport them to our secure shredding facility in a locked box truck. All documents are shredded under a closed circuit video camera system, and comingled and bailed at our secure shredding facility. The facility is also continually locked with a security alarm system activated. For further protection, our document storage room is locked within our facility with a CCTV system. All our employees have been background checked, and are subject to random drug testing. As you can see, security is important to us.

Yes. All of our highly professional employees must pass both a criminal background check and a drug screening prior to employment.

Yes, Aroostook Shredding is an active member of the National Association for Information Destruction.

No. There is no need to remove staples, paper clips, binder clips, folders, rubber bands, or even CDs.

We offer a variety of sturdy security containers to our scheduled routine service customers. We offer locking 32 Gallon Security Totes; 64 Gallon Security Totes, and 95 Gallon Security Totes. View Security Container Comparison Chart.

Yes, simply call the office and we will gladly schedule an earlier pick up for you.

No problem. Aroostook Shredding offers an on call purge/cleanout service.