Green Data Destruction & Identity Protection


Why choose Aroostook Shredding? Aroostook Shredding has been providing document destruction services for over 10 years.  We are owned by local businessmen and operate our shredding facility in Presque Isle, Maine.  We support our local communities throughout Aroostook County and are proud to be a part of their communities.  Our top priority is to provide the best, most cost effective services and to always maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction, security, and dependability. Our secure truck operates on regular schedules throughout Aroostook County. It is outfitted with security controls to ensure your confidentiality.  Aroostook Shredding can provide your organization with witnessed destruction of confidential, copyrighted or royalty-based materials directly on our premises. All handling and shredding of your documents is performed by highly trained certified specialists. Let us prepare a free no-obligation shredding quote for you!

Aroostook Shredding visits every town in The County at least once per month and offers mileage free pickups during these trips. If you schedule your service at least 24 hours in advance on our route you can rest assure you will never pay for pickup.

• Shredded materials are recycled into materials such as paper towels, toilet paper, cardboard, corrugated boxes, etc.
• For every ton of paper recycled, you help save 17 trees and 3 cubic yards of landfill space.
• Any document containing confidential information must be destroyed prior to being sent to a recycler.


Recycling alone does NOT establish the necessary requirements of information destruction.

Aroostook Shredding provides the right secure disposal container for your needs. To find more about our Routine Scheduled Paper Shredding Services, click here for more information.